How to travel FREE!


As a productive group leader, you’ll be eligible to travel at reduced rates. Also, as a group leader, you’ll even have the opportunity to Cruise For Free. This is a program exclusive to the OutsideAgents/Group Leaders and is funded and supported by us for our top producing associates.

Group Leader Responsibilities:

  • The group leader communicates with Select International Tours on behalf of the group or organization.
  • A group leader could be the travel agent, the pastor, a teacher, the bank manager, the museum official or any other individual involved in putting the travel program together.
  • They are the main contact for the tour manager and the key decision maker while the group is traveling.
  • They are responsible for the promotion and marketing of the tour.
  • They usually organize at least one informational meetings for interested participants and also a “Know before you go meeting” to pass out travel document.
  • They respond to general questions the group participants may have.
  • They may choose to collect the payment from individual participants.
  • A group may have several group leaders.
  • We ask that you designate one to be our primary contact.